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May 2009
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Special Training
The Border Crisis
SUVs as Protection Vehicles
Carjacking Defense
Summer/Fall Schedule
Special Training:
Vehicle Operational Security and Victim Avoidance Program
Personal Instruction
To address the modern threats posed by drug and organized crime violence to traveling executives along the US's southern border, Crossroads Training Academy is going to offer a series of special one and two day vehicle operations security and victim avoidance programs throughout America's Southwest.  Please call us at (269) 925-9039 to learn more about these special programs.

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Welcome to the Crossroads Training Academy Quarterly Newsletter! We are focused on delivering to you the latest in security related news from around the globe. We hope this newsletter will be a valuable resource to you now and in the future.

The Crossroads Training Academy Team
The Border Crisis
Mexican drug wars Uncontrolled violence between rival Mexican drug gangs vying for dominance and control of the best illicit smuggling routes into the US has created an unprecedented security crisis at the US/Mexican border and its surroundings.  The violence and general lawlessness along the northern border of Mexico has reached such staggering proportions that a recent Pentagon study compared Mexico's instability to Pakistan's continued political and social woes and declared Mexico to be on the verge of becoming a "failed state."  Nearly 7000 people died in 2008 due to drug and organized-crime related activity in northern Mexico and the violence is beginning to affect US cities across the border in southern Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  Unfortunately, other violent organized criminal activities are escalating in direct connection with the current drug wars - chiefly among them are kidnapping for ransom and armed robbery.  Many US businesspeople do daily business across the border into northern Mexico and they are increasingly a target in this violent conflict.  The recent kidnapping of an American automotive industry executive in Ciudad Juarez accurately illustrates the point - no one is immune from this terrible conflict.
We find that approximately sixty-four percent of the time employees are the victims of targeted violence, those attacks occur when the employee is getting into, driving in, or leaving from his or her automobile.  Crossroads Training Academy is renowned for its ability to develop executive security and driver training that meets the specific needs of at-risk employees working and traveling in high-threat areas.  We perform in-depth analyses of the security and safety conditions of executive's areas of home, work, travel, and leisure and produce tailor-made courses of condensed and highly focused instruction that arms the executive and his or her drivers with the crucial knowledge and skills needed to safely negotiate today's risky environments.
SUVs as Protection and Emergency Operations Vehicles
Ford ExpeditionSUVs have increasingly become a staple in the fleets of private security operations, law enforcement agencies, and military organizations.  The very characteristics that make SUVs a desirable alternative to sedans (increased cargo space, increased ground clearance, etc.) are attended by potentially negative consequences. Full Article 
Defending Yourself From Inside Your Vehicle
Carjacking      When I was eighteen years old and cruising in my black '82 Camaro, I was attacked by bullies looking for revenge.  Through my martial arts career I always come back to how much more serious my injuries could have been if this experience had been something much more serious such as a carjacking or a robbery.  This realization has inspired me to research, develop, and train self defense techniques for being inside or around one's vehicle. Full Article 
Summer/Fall Schedule (Michigan)
Note: All scheduled courses are to be held in Benton Harbor, Michigan. To arrange for training outside of these dates or in another area, please contact us at 269-925-9039. Crossroads has the ability to custom design a course to suit your specific needs.
Thank you for your interest in our training programs and for your continued support.