Crossroads Adds New Programs

Crossroads Training Academy, regularly presents standard and customized courses in protective/emergency vehicle operations, threat mitigation, and security awareness. We have presented these courses to members of private industry, law enforcement, government and the public sector. In order to meet the current needs of our clients, we have added three new programs to our training schedule.

Vehicle Security and Victim Avoidance Program
"For working and traveling in Mexico"

The Vehicle Security and Victim Avoidance Program is a 1.5 (1½) day training program that includes both classroom and hands-on emergency driving training. Our presentations are designed to raise the attendee’s security awareness and enhance the student’s safety and confidence when traveling or conducting business in Mexico.

The vehicle training will consist of a series of exercises designed to give the participants an understanding of the physical forces placed on a vehicle when it is in motion; driver awareness and security concepts as they relate to vehicle operations with an emphasis on pre-attack surveillance detection, route planning, and counter ambush techniques.

High Risk Operations Program
The High Risk Operations Program consists of four days of intensive training for those that operate in the high risk areas of the world.  During the programs students will receive classroom presentations on vehicle dynamics, vehicle security, armored vehicles, convoy operations, and combat driving in high-risk environments. 

The bulk of the program will be spent performing a series of hands on driving exercises and scenario based drills.

Security Driving Awareness Program
The Security Driving Awareness Program consists of one and a half days of, hands-on emergency driving awareness training.  During the program participants will understand the physical forces placed on a vehicle when it is in motion; the automobile and maintenance for its major components; and security concepts as they relate to protective vehicle operations. Participants will also put the information discussed in the classroom into practice while driving through a series of rigorous and scientifically designed driving exercises.

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Please visit the Crossroads – Andrews International booth at the upcoming ASIS exhibits and seminar in Anaheim, CA. We will be located in booth number 769.



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